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Hello. We are Nium.

Ammonia is responsible for 50% of global food. But Ammonia production is the world's most polluting chemical industrial process, responsible for 500mt of CO2 annual emissions. Until now…

For 100 years Ammonia production has relied on the high temperature, high pressure Haber-Bosch process. We’re developing patent pending nanotechnology, drastically lowering temperature, pressure, and overall emissions: a low cost- a cleaner cooler greener ammonia.

Our small scale reactors give our partners local production facilities, drastically reducing cost, shortening supply chains and removing CO2 emissions.

More About Us.

We formed on Carbon 13 - The Venture builder for the climate emergency. We working to a goal of removing 10 million tonnes of CO2e a year by 2030.

Why Ammonia?

Without ammonia based fertilisers around 50% of the world's population would not be here. Ammonia is also a good alternative energy store as it is easier to transport than hydrogen and burns without emitting CO2. With 9 times the energy density of lithium-ion batteries and 3 times that of Hydrogen Ammonia is also becoming a frontrunner in clean fuel.


What we do.

We have developed a nanotechnology that is capable at synthesisng Ammonia at much lower temperatures and pressures than has ever been the case before.

Patent Pending

We have two patents pending currently for the breakthrough that came while our CTO, Dr Yubiao Niu was working on new and Novel approaches to trying to decarbonise industry processes.

Energy Saving

Due to the technology enabling us to make Ammonia at very low temperature and pressures, the process is able to switch on and off effortlessly enabling it to work well with renewable and intermittent energy sources. We are able to make ammonia using 16x less energy than the current process.


Our small reactor which we affectionally refer to as the Minion can be placed on site, alongside any Hydrogen producing facility and turn Hydrogen into Ammonia for simple storage and transport.


By using the greenest Hydrogen and having low energy requirements we are able to make the greenest Ammonia, which will help with food security where energy prices are highly fluctuating and there are also a number of initiatives to use Ammonia as a fuel of the future due to its energy density and emissions.

Get In Touch With Us.

We are always open to partnership discussions so if you are interested in Green Ammonia, then please get in touch

Where to Find Us

Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH)
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
OX11 0FA

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Be a part of the Mission.

We are always looking for mission driven individuals who want to make a significant impact on the climate crisis.

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